Josiah and Katrina Rosie of Rosewood Restorations

Josiah and Katrina Rosie are the couple behind Rosewood Restorations. Originally from New Zealand, Josiah met Katrina (a Canadian) while working at a summer camp in Alberta. The couple married, and lived in New Zealand for a number of years together. They then moved to Kingston, Ontario for Katrina to pursue further study.

Working and studying full time, the pair are always looking for creative outlets. Rosewood Restoration was born of this creativity. Together, they design and create custom furniture and housewares which are both beautiful and practical. Beginning in their rental apartment’s basement, Rosewood Restorations has recently been upgraded to a garage. Says Josiah, “We finally have space to make into a full-sized workshop!”

The Rosies find great joy in their business, and take care to make it sustainable. Whenever possible they salvage timber and materials from construction and demolition sites, dumpsters and back alleys. Reusing and recycling is part of their business model and personal ethos. Josiah’s work as a carpenter means easy access to construction sites and house renovations— a treasure trove of wasted and unwanted timber. While some may call it hoarding, he prefers the term salvaging; “I love reusing or repurposing things.” 

When projects call for fresh material that can't be salvaged, Rosewood Restorations uses small and local businesses whenever possible. Both community and environmental responsibility are key elements in their definition of success. In all aspects of their business, Rosewood Restorations endeavours to exceed expectations.

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