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My name is Domniki Sakellaris. I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. I attended the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (CSNN) in Toronto, Ontario and graduated in June 2008 with a Certificate of Merit. It was a very proud moment in my life because I achieved a goal that would allow me to share my knowledge and expertise in a field that I am extremely passionate about, and help others achieve their goals while doing it. 

I am also a wife and mom of two beautiful young children, who keep me motivated and driven to continue chasing my passions and dreams, and who remind me that we can always learn, we can always dream, and do anything if we work towards it. 

The creation of Smooth as a Baby's Shea Butter Body Lotions and Jojoba Face Oil began last November 2018. What you put on your body matters just as much as what you put in it. I began making these products for myself because I have sensitive skin and I could not find ones that softened, moisturized and hydrated my skin, especially during the winter months when my skin and hands were very dry, flaky and cracking. I wanted to make a product that had clean organic ingredients and that worked. The combination of organic ingredients that I used worked wonders for me and my family and we haven’t used anything else since. 

I also began gifting them to friends, family, teachers, moms etc. and they all loved them, and asked if I was selling them. So after great demand I decided that I would love others to benefit the way that I, my friends and family have, and began to sell them. 

I use only certified organic ingredients which are toxic and chemical free, preservative free, additive free, vegan, no animal testing and eco-friendly. There is no hidden ingredients or guessing what is in the products, what you see in the ingredient list is exactly what you get. Transparency and providing high quality products is very important to me! 

Switching to all natural organic skincare products reduces your bodies toxic load while reducing the risk of skin irritation caused by chemicals and preservatives in conventional skincare products. These products provide real moisture and nourishment without harming you or your skin. 

These products are great for all skin types, from normal to dry (including eczema, psoriasis, flaky and rough skin), to acne-prone skin and beyond. They have anti-aging, skin tightening, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. In fact, they are generally fantastic natural skincare products for all, including a special unscented product for babies and kids, and anyone with asthma and/or sensitivities to scents. 

All the reviews I have received have been positive ones and this has motivated me to continue this journey and hope that you too fall in love with my Smooth as a Baby's Skincare Products. 

With all my love, 


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