the Knit and Stitch Sisters

The Knit and Stitch Sisters are four ladies who meet once a week to knit (and crochet) and ......yup, you guessed it, bitch! We fondly refer to ourselves as the 3 Knitting Bitches and 1 Happy Hooker. I like to think that makes us sound way more interesting than four women who sit around and make things out of string. Wouldn't you agree? Plus, it’s way snappier.

What do we bitch about, you ask? Everything— literally! The price of yarn, the state of the world, and how we had to sneak another 50 balls of yarn into the house because you never know when you might need it, right? A few of us have even resorted to having it delivered to the door( is that such a bad thing, really?)!

A couple of times a year we go on “Knit and Bitch Roadtrips”. And they are exactly what you might think they'd be: four woman in an SUV driving in excess of 6 hours to partake in the biggest YARN TENT SALE of the year, where we purchase an obscene amount of yarn at rock bottom prices (half of which we will likely never find a use for, naturally). These road trips are usually closely followed by KNIT AND BITCH RETREATS. These are weekend long events at a cozy cottage up north where we sit on our asses and knit and crochet until our hands hurt. There may or may not be wine involved, I can neither confirm nor deny. However, there IS food, lots of good food lovingly prepared by our husbands. Our dear husbands, who for some reason we have yet to figure out, seem to feel grateful to be included in our retreats. Hey, if it ain’t broke don't fix it right?!

And one last thing you might be wondering: Why do we call ourselves Knit and Stitch Sisters.? Well, the simple answer is, we don't want to offend anyone. We didn't think a big ole sign on our craft sale table saying KNIT AND BITCH SISTERS would fly... or, maybe it would? Someday we’ll have to try it.

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