The Hebe Store

“It's not just a card. It's memory.”

The Hebe Store knows that giving gifts is a satisfying and meaningful way to show the people in your life you care, but that sometimes choosing is the hardest part. That’s why the Hebe Store was founded, to fill a gap in the greeting card market. In 2017 a small group of creatives including owner Lily Nguyen honed in on this niche and created a design-led card business focused on innovation.

The Hebe Store offers a number of intricate pop-up cards, with designs featuring canadiana, nature, transportation, and occasions. They also do custom work for businesses. Each card is cut by laser and assembled by hand for a beautiful final product with a personal touch. Their cards have a certain wow-factor that is hard to deny, and an intricacy unmatched by mainstream market offerings.

“We exist to connect people, create the most meaningful moment where joy, creativity and purpose come together.”

The Hebe Store’s memorable designs aim to please. Their goal is always to make sure the person receiving their card is surprised, happy, and amazed. Each card has a story and a personality all it’s own. For instance, Lily says their fall tree cards remind her of the day she first came to Canada to study in fall of 2015. “I still remember how beautiful it was. The yellow leaves, the blue sky, the smell of fresh cut grass, the smile of a stranger.” They hope to leave each person touched by their designs with a memory of their very own.

The Hebe Shop has a million ideas on how to continue building the brand of their dreams and are always happy to share.

“We are here with only one purpose - WE LOVE TO MAKE YOU JOY!”

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