Makenna Laughlin of Pure Essence Spa

Makenna Laughlin of Pure Essence Spa is an esthetician and aromatherapist in the Peterborough area of Ontario. She believes in finding balance and harmony in all areas of life, a view that extends to her clients.

I believe in the overall wellness of a person, spiritually, physically, and mentally, and I believe that it is important to take a second to breathe even in the busiest days.

Makenna thrives on allowing others to escape from the real world to relax, reset and replenish while at Pure Essence Spa. Her company is represented by the Purple Amethyst. Amethyst is a meditative, stimulating and soothing stone with legendary abilities to connect with one’s body, mind and spirit to promote a calm, balanced and peaceful temple. Makenna aims to provide this same experience through Pure Essence Spa, helping her clients to reach complete relaxation, rejuvenation and stillness. Outside the spa she shares her values far and wide via the Pure Essence aromatherapy line, available at the Nooks Port Hope.

Aromatherapy has changed my life in just the few short years of being very involved with it. I love being able to make every single person feel at ease and refreshed.

Pure Essence Spa is inspired by the people and feelings Makenna is surrounded by daily. Her inspiration thrives in the happiness of others, and drives her to create products to suit every single person. When Makenna isn't in the spa or creating, she enjoys long jeep rides with the top off and relaxing on the beach.

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