We all know that Gemini who's notoriously hard to buy for. Really, who can keep up with the sign of the twins? Passionate, dynamic, and creative, Geminis always keep you on your toes. They're a study in contrasts, the soul of every party, and a force to be reckoned with. Celebrate the crazy-amazing Geminis in your life with these artisanal finds from the local makers of the Nooks DANFORTH


 Heart Candle Holders by  Knotty Creations  • Queen Bee Earrings by  Lisa Young Designs  • Citrine Bracelet by  Breathing Inspiration  • Citrine Necklace + Brass Statement Ring by  Faire de la Mode  • Geometric Decor Piece via  Refined Finds  • Fire Agate Crystals via  Andrometta

Golden Geminis will appreciate these statement pieces. Shower them with sunny finds, natural materials, bold decor, and golden bling including their birthstone (and stone of abundance, natch) Citrine. 


 Orchid Beaded Earrings by  Enboga  • Felted Bouquet by  Bear & Barbaloot  • Highlighter by  VENUS Cosmetics Co.  • Concrete Planter + Airplant by  Sonic Bloom Succulents   • Lovely Lavender Spray by  Road to Happy  • Cotton Macrame Necklace by  Knot You Knot Me  • Pearl + Citrine Necklaces by  Faire de la Mode  • Amethyst Crown Chakra Necklace by  Andrometta  • Lavender Incense via  Gaia Naturals

The flower essence for the sign of Gemini is lavender, so why not make it a theme? Lavender has a mellowing influence, which is perfect for the Gemini personality. Purple is a hot colour trend this year, with plenty of shades to go around. From purple highlighter to gorgeous statement jewelry, lavender-scented EVERYTHING and beyond, it's all a purple haze.


 Handmade Doll by  Sweet PotaToes  • Feather Print Bandana Bib by  Blissful Sew  • Baby Wash by  Lines of Elan  • Kids Star Socks by  Socksmith  • Felt Lavender by  Bear & Barbaloot

Lastly, we couldn't forget the GeMINIS! This collection features the sweetest lil doll (she's definitely a Gemini-- just look at that rocking hair!) + lots of kid-ccessories that are sure to make Gemini littles squeal. 

Happy Birthday Geminis!