Friends, partners-in-crime, fixers-of-things, and givers-of (sometimes questionable) life advice, Dads are the best-- and notoriously hard to buy for. June 17th is Father's Day, and we know you're sweating the gift. That's why we've put together this handy-dandy gift guide for the greatest guys of all-- Dads! Shop these local, handmade finds at The Nooks Danforth.


 Wooden BBQ Scraper by  Critically Reclaimed  • Soap + Beard Oil by  Topher's B  eard Co.
 Card by  Blue Rocket Gifts  • Socks by  SockSmith
 Book by Refined Finds • Socks by  SockSmith  • Mug by  Nicola Mayer
 Candle and Firestarter Jar by  Among the Pines  • Mug by  Nicola Mayer

Whether he's at the cottage, fishing the great outdoors, or manning the BBQ, the outdoorsy dad always knows what's up. He's not above roughing it, and is usually the man with the plan. Show him you care with outdoor-themed gifts he'll love using on his next adventure. 


 Card by  Blue Rocket Gifts  • Socks by  SocksSmith

He's a real card, a knockout comedian with an arsenal of Dad jokes. Loveable, silly, and full of stories, he's the life of every family gathering. Get him laughing at something other than his own jokes with punny presents he's sure to love. 


 Toronto skyline coasters and Mug by  Ave Mariabell Designs
 Shirt by  Progoti  • Candle by  Sara's Soaps and Candles  • Beard Oil by  Lines of Elan  • Wallet by  Loft 604
 Print by  Ave Mariabell Designs  • Coffeemaker via  Refined Finds  • Cufflinks by  Lisa Young Designs  • Watch by  Wilk Watchworks

An immaculate guy with a sleek sense of style, he's a hard act to follow. He might run on coffee and city life, but he always makes time for the people he loves. Give him unique urban style with a personal touch for a gift he'll truly enjoy. 


 Hardware by  Riverdale IronWorks  • Custom Hammer by  Bradley Palmer Designs  • Travel Bag by  Loft 604

The Dad who can fix or build anything (well, he tries). He's first on the scene with a hammer or a hug, and is always up for a project. He'll appreciate just about anything, but has a real soft spot for handmade. Gift custom and one of a kind items, and pair with a handmade card for a true heart-melter that he's sure to love. 


 Tie by  Malz Mode  • Stovetop Coffeemaker via  Refined Finds  • Wooden Sign by  Critically Reclaimed

He's a classic dad, and you love him for it. Complete with tie and a cup of coffee in hand, he's always ready with a listening ear and a hug. Dads can be the biggest softies of all, there's nothing quite like nostalgia to tug at those ol' heartstrings. Remember all those occasions you gave your dad a tie? Bring those memories back with a new twist for a Father's Day he's sure to remember. 

No matter who you're celebrating this Father's Day, the perfect gift is always the one that comes from your heart.