• You must be the designer of your hand-crafted business
  • You must reside in Canada
  • Your product must be made in Canada
  • All areas of your application must be completed. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

Components of the application:

  • Retail Nook Application Form (Below)
  • Nook design: IF ACCEPTED, a drawing or sketch of your proposed nook display is required. Details will be provided once accepted.

Name *
Phone Number *
Phone Number
ex. @thenookstoronto on instagram & facebook
ex. introducing my product to a new demographic, increasing my sales by 10%, strengthening my brand identity, etc
Are you interested in growing your business by hosting workshops? *
Are you interested in growing your business by attending workshops? *
ex. re-launching my website, generating x number of sales through my nook, hosting a business talk, etc
Are you a resident/business owner of the East York community (The Danny)?
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Preferred nook size *
Note: Measurements reflect width x depth in feet. (b) Nook sizes strictly for Backroom Vintage only.
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