NOOKFEST 2018 COMMUNITY PROGRAMING // SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 8TH 11 AM – 8 PM. We are welcoming all businesses along The Danny to host an event, workshops, demonstration, information session (whatever you want!) WITHIN YOUR STORE or AT NOOKFEST to celebrate our community, to highlight your service / product and to be involved with all the fun on September 8th! Your animation (in store or at the festival) will be included in the line-up of events happening within our community for the day and be promoted on The Nooks website, social media, community calendar, print and digital campaigns! We would love for you to participate on September 8th and welcome ANYTHING you choose to do within your STORE or at the FESTIVAL.


Name *
Venue of choice *
*NookFEST: You will be assigned a 10x10 space for your animation or selling of your service/product. You are expected to vend during the festival hours of 11 am – 8 pm. Vendor logistics package will be provided to you.
ie. Taxes for Teens 101 / 1:00-3:00pm