Check out this year’s nookFEST beer can art contest winners!

Congratulations to our 3 winners!

Sara Sarhangpour


I find that when I'm outdoors and am engaged with people from all different walks of life, participating in activities that I'm passionate about that help the community develop, learn, and grow, is where I feel a sense of belonging. In particular, I love seeing small businesses and local artisans grow, connect, and become nurtured in these spaces…

Brenna Zuest


My idea of community is a body of people who band together to enjoy and celebrate a shared area they feel comfortable in. Whether that is a place of faith, a local park or even an alley way, it is the people that make any space into a community. Inspired by our urban setting, I strived to depict the comradery and friendliness that can come with a strong community. Most of us don't know our neighbours very well and I hope to spark a want to get to know the people around us.

Qaqtis Q


My artwork is a combination of my interpretation First Nations Art and Graffiti. Bold lines and bright colours along with juxtaposed images are what set my art apart from other artists…
Everything around me inspires me. Nature, buildings, people, animals, everyday objects like watering cans, etc. Art is all around us.